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“There are untold sentient shadows all around me. An army of apostles to fill the void of a dying universe. Who are you really Tour Guide? One Immortal against the unaging will of the cosmos? God is a community.”

“It’s the Royal Road. Despite what anyone will tell you – apotheosis, ascension, or even just the enlightenment of awakening doesn’t have just one way to achieve it. There is no prophet that exists to proselytize the one true path. Deep down they may even know that but the universe creates these signposts and prophets and even cheat codes to help the real seekers make their own way. The universe wants you to rise up like an uppercut and with one strike reach the Great Work. However it isn’t that easy. Not for you, not for anyone. So when something happens, when you are on the shortcut path, the Royal Road, the universe offers up a part of the objective pattern, a hidden rule, to show you it approves.”

What I am most of all is undefined…